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Applications are invited for the Kerrygold/Listowel Food Fair Cheese Competition 2017, which will take place as part of Listowel Food Fair, November 9th to 12th 2017. 

The aim of this competition is to provide positive recognition to cheese producers for their achievements in flavour, aroma, texture, and appearance of their product.


  1. Cheeses must be made in Ireland, milk source only. As part of the entry process, you will be asked to confirm that all of your entries meet this essential requirement.
  2. Send your cheese in its original form. Cheeses may not be plugged and/or resealed. Cheeses must be entered as whole wheels, loaves, or blocks. Exceptions will be made for larger form cheeses. These cheeses must be presented in the form in which they are available for wholesale distribution.
  3. Any product may only be entered in the competition once. This includes products that may be marketed under different labels.
  4. Entries must be comprised of at least 51% cheese or cultured dairy product.
  5. Entrants must provide the name of the original cheesemaker for each entry.
  6. Entrants will be required to provide the production date for each product entered.

The Categories for entry are:

  1. MARINATED CHEESES & SMOKED CHEESES: Entries must identify the type of marinade (Olive oil, safflower oil, vinegar, wine, spirits and liqueur, etc., including additional ingredients). Information about the smoke source (i.e. natural and/or smoke flavourings) must accompany each cheese entry
  2. SHEEP'S MILK & GOAT’S MILK CHEESES: Open to all shapes and styles of 100% sheep’s or goat’s milk cheeses
  3. BLUE MOULD CHEESES & FRESH UNRIPENED CHEESES: All cheeses ripened with Penicillium roqueforti or glaucum Blue Mould Cheeses with Flavour Added. Cheese Curds, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, Fromage Blanc, Fromage Frais, Impastata, Mascarpone, Quark, Ricotta
  4. CHEDDARS: All Cheddars, all milks
  5. FARMSTEAD CHEESES: Limited to cheeses and fermented milk products produced with: • Milk from herds on the farm where the cheese is produced • Care and attention given to the purity, quality, and flavour of the milk • Production primarily accomplished by hand • Natural ripening with emphasis on development of characteristic flavour and texture, without the use of shortcuts and techniques to increase yield and shelf life at the expense of quality • Respect for the traditions and history of cheese making regardless of the size of the production.

Judging Criteria:

Cheeses will be assessed based on 4 criteria:

  1. Taste (30%)
  2. Texture (30%)
  3. Appearance (30%)
  4. Packaging (10%)

Entry Date & Fee:

Entry form and €25 fee (per producer) must be returned to Mary Coleman, 2 Moylist, Bunaghara, Listowel, Co. Kerry by THURSDAY October 5th.  

Judging will take place on Wednesday October 11th at Listowel Arms Hotel.  All entries must be delivered to the hotel by 9am on that morning.  Important: When delivering products to the hotel, please ensure that they are clearly marked “Cheese Competition Listowel Food Fair”.

Our judging panel for 2017 will be:

  • Angela Sheehan, Programme Manager, Food Industry Training Unit, UCC
  • Richard Sheehan, Chef and Nutritional Therapist
  • Paul O’Connor, Manager, Garveys Supervalu Listowel
  • Member of Kerry LEO (TBC)

Winners will be notified by Friday October 13th.  Feedback to all entrants can be provided by email on request.  If you would like to receive the judges’ feedback, please provide your email address with your application. 


The overall competition winner will receive a prize fund of €1000.

The 5 category winners are awarded €200 each. 

Winners’ cheeses are incorporated into the 7 course taster menu at our Artisan Food Producers’ Celebratory Dinner, held on Friday November 10th, where prizes will be awarded.

For further information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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